Coffee Shop I love so much….


Skin- Aya {Applesauce cake}
Lip Gloss- Loux { Michelle Lipstick-1}
Hair- Liquence– {F5 Natural Shades}
Eyes- Dead Apples { Striking eyes- Tan}
Jacket- ISON { serino leather jacket-coal}
Leggins- ISON { Tova LEather leggings- coa}
Shoes- REIGN {Sidney Boots- Black}
[C a r o X] Store / Office / Cafe GroupGift
+Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe – Pastel Duotone
+Half-Deer+ Lovely Little Llama – Minty Fresh

Hand bag- Indented– Blue common

Thank you again to my sponsors. Carox for the wonderful coffee shop, Aya for your beautiful skins, & LOUX for you stunning lip gloss & taking me in as a new blogger!!! Your all amazing!!!

[AYA] LOGO_1024 1479189_510287922403007_40316937_n

Music Sets The Mood for Fashion…

If it’s not too late for coffee
I’ll be at your place in ten
We’ll hit that all night diner
And then we’ll see

There’s a love that transcends
All that we’ve known of ourselves
And I’ll wait for it to come
I’ll wait for it to come
Well it’s got to be strong to touch my heart
Through it’s shell……


Carox, Shiva House


I absolutely love this house! It is very open, with windows everywhere & it looks great on a beach parcel as well. There is one bedroom, a kitchen & dining area. There is also a loft & large living room, although you can set up the house how you please.


Alone with a fear-filled head Thinking of losing you is a haunted song……


I am totally dedicating this post to¬†[C a r o X] {Dirty old Barn}—(I will blog my outfit after)

This was a lot of fun to do, To actually get to play with the wind lighting & really be creative with shadows. I really didn’t do a lot of editing. Carox makes very good products, even the textures on the car were nice!! It was definitely fun to get to use some unique poses as well. Thank you Dee you’re an amazing creator. The barn comes with the car and boxes & also a sign. It has two textured rooms as well, as you see me leaning against a window you can see some of the textured walls. I did add a ripped curtain to add a little darkness through the window. ūüėÄ


[C a r o X] Prefabs and more since 2008. Made in Germany.

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‚ôę.:Big Dreams, Good Music, & Expensive Taste:.‚ôę

Oh, what a cold, dark world it is to walk through
Alone with a fear-filled head
Thinking of losing you is a haunted song
And a dread much worse than the fear of death

Now I feel the fear rising up
Climbing up, taking over my body
And I feel my pulse starting up
Waking me again

Ain’t got a shotglass in my fist, To spill it away on my business, Telling these strangers about you…..


         This post is dedicated to my awesome sponsors who gave me an amazing opportunity to blog for them, even as a new blogger they still had faith!!! I would also like everyone to know Aya Skins (JIL) have nyam appliers, many places do not yet & she does!!! She also has mesh body appliers and any others you need & amazing makeuo!!! Envie (Mylie) just released her necklace as you saw in my last post & has so many more cute accessories to come!. I absolutely love her shoes like the black ones above. She has the regular shoes for people without slink feet, & also has the slink compatible one that are modify. Of course last but not at alllll least my dear Ana who is my pose sponsor through the company Posies. I. This is of course her pose & she was my VERY FIRST SPONSOR & believed in me when I had only been back about a week,

Left- SkinAya {Ada}- Glazed Pears shade, the blue lipstick included. HairTruth {Ainsley variety pack}

Middle- Skin- Aya– {Ella}- Apple sauce cake shade. ¬†w/ lip gloss included. Hair–¬†Moon {Whirling thoughts ombres pack}

Right- SkinAya {Zoey}- Cracker bits shade.  HairMoon {Insect religion ombres pack}

 All of my different avatars looks above are wearing Lark lingerie that are applied to my Maitreya Mesh Lara Body. I also have on earrings from Joli, called Le sinistre @ the thrift shop. My shoes of course are Envie classic pumps which all of the avis have on as well. I am also wearing an the black initial necklace from whatever ( I never take off lol) & wearing the birdie foot tattoo from Inhale.

[AYA] LOGO_1024Envie Posies Logo Simple B&W 2014

‚ôę.:Big Dreams, Good Music, & Expensive Taste:.‚ôę

No I’m not a liar
Just don’t know how to tell you the truth
All we need is time
We don’t know why we do what we do
But we do
On a night like this
Just don’t know what I’m trying to prove
No we can’t predict
The reasons why we do what we do
But we do, but we do
Yeah we do what we do
When you fall in love
You can’t help it when you act like a fool
When you look above
You see the reasons why we do what we do
What we do, what we do
Yeah we do what we do
Ain’t got a shotglass in my fist
To spill it away on my business
Telling these strangers about you
I’m getting too, I’m getting too, I’m getting too
Personal, getting too personal
I’m getting too personal, personal


Its that holiday again that card companies created to make money…….


So come on we all know valentines day is just a day that candy, card, & flower companies all created to make more cash! Haha….butttt we all give in….So hopefully you all have a fabulous Valentines Day, & even if you don’t have that special person hell….buy yourself some chocolates & send yourself some flowers at work….You love yourself too right?….I know I do!!! have a great day & definitely stop at Envie¬†today & grab Mylie’s new heart watch necklace!!! Adorable!!


Pose- whats next {valentine balloon poses} @ Love is in the Air Event

Body- Maitreya Mesh body {Lara}

Hair- Little Bones {Lush}

Long necklace- Envie {heart watch necklace in silver}

Short necklace-  Whatever {initial necklace black}

Body suit- SALT {Melynda bodysuit} @ suicide dollz

Mouth love letter- Violent chemicals

Angel wings- Suddenly {Rare @ the seasons story} not available

Your Loss I’m Found…..


What is reece wearing today……..?

Skin- {aya}-Ella [Applesauce cake] 

Eyes- {DA} Spectral eyes [Black]

Hair- {Chemistry} ‚Äď Tamora

Beauty Marks- {Just Magnetized} Visage Beauty marks sets 10 & 2 [light tone]

Eyebags- {Nova} eyebags [dark100%]

Hair Clip- {Envie} Heart Hair Clip- Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt

Septum ring- {Meisu}  U septum ring

Collar- {Kibitz}- Ribbon cross collar (sky) gacha machine

Earrings- {Herspherical} Delicate petal earrings [gold]

Watch- {Mynx}- Shabby Chic

Bracelet- {Mynx} Bead bracelet [blue]

Thight tatt- {Milk} If you Love me

Wrist Tatt {Identity}- [Guenkyo]

Hand Tatt- {Inhale}- His ‚̧ [marketplace]

Nails- {MC}- Lustrous Set [For Slink]

Top- {Moon}- Sweater [Hacuna Matata]

Shorts- {Moon}- Haze Maze shorts [light]

Shoes-{Reign}- Spartan sandals [White]

[AYA] LOGO_1024 Envie

‚ôę.:Big Dreams, Good Music, & Expensive Taste:.‚ôę

What is this?
I was yours, you let me go
Are you bored?
Is this love, can you tell me?
I’ve had enough
Oh, so tell me

How can I be your lover?
Stars ain’t made to shine under clouds
Stop turning me down
One day when you discover,
How bright I try to love you now
I won’t be around
It’s too late
You’re lost, I’m found

Cause I just want the simple things……

Image-1 (1)

Reece is wearing…….
Skin- { The Skinnery} Zuri- [Bareface Honey]
Eyes- {DA} Striking eyes- [tan]
Hair- {Little Bones} Birdie
Face Add-ons- Just magnetized– [Visage beauty marks sets 2 & 10
Eye bags- {Nova} [dark 100%=]
Eyeliner- {Elska} SImple & Clean
Lashes- {Glow} studio- [Eyelashes, touched]
Septume- {Meisu}- U septum ring
Garter tatt- {Hiatus} [garter rose] & Gacha Mania
Earings- {Herspherical} Delicate petal earring [gold] & collabor 88
Shoes- {Flite}- Creepers [cheetah]
Necklace- {Whatever}- Letter necklace R [Black]
Top- {Spirit}- kitty leather top
Shorts- {MOON}- Hazemaze shorts dark

Pose- {pose maniacs}

‚ôę.:Big Dreams, Good Music, & Expensive Taste:.‚ôę

She said, I don’t want a model
I don’t want a movie star
You don’t have to win the lotto, oh
I want you to win my heart
Yeah, she said I just want someone true
She said I just want someone to, smoke with me babe
And lay with me babe
And laugh with me babe
I just want the simple things
So smoke with me babe
And laugh with me baby
And lay with me baby
‘Cause I just want the simple things
I just want you

You Don’t Really Know Me…..

Cause I’m going crazy when I’m not okay,
I keep praying that the cracks don’t show my pain,
Cause even when I’m falling, I say my life is like a dream,
But I’m fighting through a nightmare,
Cause I’m not really being me,
See you don’t really know me



Pose- {Posies} –

Skin- {aya}-Ada [Glazed Pears tone 6] NEW!!!

Eyes- {Ikon} Spectral eyes [Black]

Hair- {Moon} ‚Äď Tricky Two [Ombres]

Lip gloss-¬†{aya}- ‚Äď Ada¬†Glazed pears [ Lipstick¬†7]

Eye Makeup- {aya}-Ada eye add on [A]

Beauty Marks- {Just Magnetized} Visage Beauty marks set 9[light tone]

Eyebags- {Nova} eyebags [dark100%]

Face paint- {DA} Leopard War Paint [black]

Septum ring- {Meisu}  U septum ring

Necklace & Bracelet- {Envie} Key Jewelry Set [Silver]

Ring- {Ison} Safari tribe ring

Hand tatt, forearm tatt- {Identity}- [Guenkyo] @ The Show Room

Nails- {MC}- Lustrous Set [For Slink]

Top- {American Bazaar}- Rocker Top [Black]

Jeans- {Ronsem}- Skinny Jeans w/ belt [gray]

Panties- {Ronsem}- Color panties [black/d]

Shoes-{Whatever}- Slipper [black]


[AYA] LOGO_1024

Posies Logo Simple B&W 2014

Tryna fill up Spaces you left in me…..Champagne for the pain…..


Reece is wearing……

Pose- {Posies} –

Skin- {aya}-Zoey [Glazed Pears tone 12]

Eyes- {D.A} Striking eyes [tan]

Hair- {little bones} РSapphire @ uber

Freckles- {D.A} Heavy Ari

Lip gloss- {aya}- РZoey Glazed pears [skin tone 12]

Eyelashes- {aya}-Zoey Glazed pears [skin tone 12]

Septum ring- {cute poison}  Ova piercing part 2

Forehead bindi- {Datum}- Enchanted gold

Neclace- {Olive} Folded golden paper letter necklace [gacha]

Neck collar- {Glam Affair} Peter pan embellished collar #7- @ Chapter Four Gacha Room 

Ring- {Yummy}- Boho RIng set [yellow]

Hand tatt, forearm tatt- {Identity}- [Guenkyo] @ The Show Room

Nails- {MC}- Lustrous Set [For Slink]

garter tatt- {Hiatus} Garter Rose 1 [gacha machine] @ Gacha Mania

Dress- {pixicat}- unicorn dress [black] @ Collabor88

Shoes-{Envie}- Classie Pumps [black]


[AYA] LOGO_1024



Walk a mile in these Louboutins….

121blog (2)

Pose- {Posies} –

Skin- {aya}-Ella [Applesauce Cake]

Eyes- {D.A} -Striking eyes [true hazel]

Freckles- {D.A} Heavy Ari

Lip gloss- {aya}- РElla applesauce cake

Eyelashes- {aya}-Ella applesauce cake

Septum ring- {cute poison}  Ova piercing part 2

Hair- {Moon} ‚Äď KeKe [essentials]@ kawaii project

Nose Strap- {TI}- Dark grey nose strap @ Oh My Gacha Jersey Shore

Necklace- {Pekka} РThick chain collar [blackened steel]

 Bracelet set- {Fusion} -Bangle mix & match set [steel]

Ring- {Pomposity}- sm honey comb bee ring w/diamonds @ Suicide Dollz

Hand tatt, forearm tatt- {Identity}- [Guenkyo] @ The Show Room

Nails- {MC}- Lustrous Set [For Slink]

Top- {Dappa} I dont care granite tied shirt [pastels] @ Suicide Dollz

Pants-{Phobia}- cruzy black leggings @ Suicide Dollz

Shoes-{Reign}- Creeps @ kawaii project

[AYA] LOGO_1024